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The most famous creation of Babbo Américo was born almost by chance. A group of students of the University of Medicine of Santos used to gather at the number 404, Ana Costa Ave, at least once a week. One night, the group leader proposed a challenge: wanted a pizza other than all that was on the menu of the restaurant.

Used to eccentric requests, the portuguese Américo Carreira Vieira was in the kitchen and decided to join two ingredients of best seller dishes: Beef Stroganoff and the shrimp cocktail, hits of gastronomy that the early 70. A recipe borrowed the champignon, the other the rosé sauce slightly sweet and to increase handfuls of grated mozzarella and salami chips the best origin. Was created the recipe that would become the trademark of the restaurant: the mythical mushroom pizza, which in a short time he attended the menu of all the pizza places in the city and even from Brazil.

Despite the success of this and other creations, like the green lasagna and the Neapolitan pasta, Babbo Américo doesn't consider himself a chef. He started his career as a waiter back in 1967, helping in preparation and to choosing the best ingredients, but his gift was always serving. Since then he keeps touching tables and with a great smile and cordiality.

For those who had an Italian master determined as Dona Liliana, you always knew attendance Américo is much more than a smile on her face. You have to go beyond simple meal. The best spice is create a magical moment and striking to make the client returned, bringing family and friends any more. After all, it was the word of mouth that the Italian restaurant became reference in Santos and formed at least four generations of faithful customers, simply by legacy and core values left by Liliana and Carlo Gonelli.

As in a story told in cycles, now is the time of Babbo Américo move forward. Alongside the children, Danilo and Américo Junior, he runs the new chapter of a walk sprinkled with aromas and flavors. For starters, the order is to maintain the essential: prepared from scratch, slow cooking , fresh and hearthy food. Ah, our logo doesn't only express courtesy but also a sign of gratitude to all friends and patrons who made this story possible. After all, you are all passengers of this beautiful journey and the reason of our success.


We have the perfect venue for your event, corporative or casual with friends. Whatever is the reason for your celebration, Babbo Américo offers a unique and comfortable venue for you to receive your guests. There are approximately 50 m² temperature controlled area, with elegant decor and capacity for up to 45 guests. We guarantee excellent food and impeccable service. Come celebrate with us!

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